Meet The Team

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Kay L. Adkins

My name is Kay L Adkins. Through education and training, I am a licensed professional counselor and have been practicing in the field through multiple roles for over ten years. I currently work as a full-time telemental health therapist through multiple platforms.

Kay leads our Silent Retreats.

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Krissy Mays

Over the past 20 years I have delved deeply into the realms of healing to be of service, and to answer questions to my own journey of reclaiming health.  


After the diagnosis of an invasive, malignant breast tumor in 2014, I was faced with a very difficult decision as to how I would recover my health with minimal impact to my overall well-being. 


My journey to wellness began after a 3-week intensive at the International Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida where I learned many methods for detoxification,along with growing and juicing super foods.


I will forever be grateful for the knowledge I have gained and delighted to share it with you!  


 As a Board Certified medical massage therapist, advanced trained craniosacral and somatic practitioner since since 2006, I offer individuals, families and professionals care by utilizing a diverse range of integrative modalities and opportunities to regain health. 


I am passionate to share my gifts by providing  continued education for like-minded professionals and facilitate intensive healing retreats.


I offer in-person sessions and classes here on the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado and also teach workshops  in Michigan and Texas.  


I am lucky enough to work with people all over the world through Skype as well. Please explore my offerings and let me know how I can support you. 


Allison Field

I am the Executive Director & Event Creator here at Six Eagles Haven.


I am passionate about helping healers, teachers, leaders and facilitators to share their work with the world through creating their own workshops, retreats or special events. 


My husband and I moved to the Western Slope in November 2018 to start a Retreat Center and we founded Six Eagles Haven.

My background is a licensed social worker, then the founder and former Executive Director for Alley’s House, a nonprofit organization in Dallas, Tx serving over 800 teen moms and 1,000 children during my 16 year tenure.

After turning Alley’s House over to a new Executive Director, I completed a certified coaching program through iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. I formed Allison Field Coaching and support my clients to fulfill on whatever is important to them through 1:1 coaching, coaching groups and periodic online offerings.

At Six Eagles Haven, we’ve launched my Re-Ignite Your Energy program in several different formats: one-day workshop, 3-day, 5-day and 10-day formats so you can choose the best format for you. Each one has more intensive exercises, allowing you to reach a master level experience in your own personal development and consciousness.


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Shannon Meredith

My name is Shannon Meredith, your guide and instructor while here at Six Eagles Haven facilitating SnoGa!


I hail from Moab, Utah. I have a ten year history of teaching yoga in Utah and in Alaska where I raised my family. For your comfort, I have been guiding people hiking, climbing, canyoneering and on the river for most of my adult life.


I am also WFR certified. I’ve been skiing and snowboarding all my life.


Powderhorn is my home mountain, even though it is a couple hours drive. That’s pretty close when you live in the desert!


Yoga, skiing, and snowboarding are some of my favorite things and I would love to share this weekend experience with you!



Shannon leads our SnoGa Retreats (yoga & skiing).

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Stevi Belle

“We must clear away the debris and patterns in the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spirit of our present and our past, whether conscious or unconscious, so that we have an unobstructed pathway to direct our energy towards our Soul's path, Soul's passion, and Soul's truth.”


Stevi Belle is internationally known as a creator, practitioner and teacher.


She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois. She has been on a healing path for more than 40 years.


The path of discovery that she has traveled has led her to many areas of study including Raw Foods with Joline Wondergem, Healing the Light Body with Alberto Villoldo, Cranial Sacral at the New Mexico Healing Arts Academy, Dowsing with Anneliese Hagemann and Michelle Fitzgerald, Sound Healing with Jonathan and Andi Goldman, Pranic Healing with Master Stephen Co, ECT-Energetic Congruence Technique with Terri Kosmicki and Stevi Belle, Shamanic Journeying with Michael Harner, Flower Essences with Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz of FES, DNA of Healing with Margaret Ruby, Sound healing with Tom Kenyon and classes with Patrice Fields, Espavo (Steve & Barbara Rother), Cindy Lindsay Rael, Jose Luis Herrera, Swami Kaleshwar, Stuart Wilde, Lynn V. Andrews, Brugh Joy, Dan Millman, Flenn Chrestman, Lifespring, Dick Sutphen and other incredible teaches across the country.


Stevi began her journey with a focus on healing herself. In the process of her work she discovered her soul's path...her heart's desire...the truth and purpose of her life at this time.


In 2003 she decided to put aside her art...which she loved...and step into a healing practice, and the role of teacher. She recognized that her passion...her soul's desire was to teach and assist others in their healing process and with connecting to their life's purpose with clarity and zeal.


She taught for the Four Winds Society from 2003 to 2006. In April of 2006, she took another step on her path and decided that it was time to share her knowledge and experience in a new way...and from her unique perspective.


She began teaching, created a newsletter to link many in the healing community, and designing sacred journeys.


In 2011 she began studying Raw Foods and this started her journey into formulation. The beginning of this chapter was the formulation of a chocolate that is focused on improving brain function along with tasting good.


Following that she moved to Colorado and not long after began formulating with a company.


She now formulates tinctures and delicious treats for clients.  She is also a formulator of C60 products which are a longevity supplement.  

After years of working with herbs and supplementation to assist herself and her clients she is now bringing that to the world in exciting and elevated products and concepts through Café