• Allison

Connect Within

One of the ways that I have seen healing to occur for others and myself has largely been through experiencing a personal connection to the self by looking within.

In the first part of October of 2019, I completed my own silent retreat setting the intent of connecting with myself to increase my vision for the future, experience personal healing, and obtain more enlightenment.

As I learned to settle into aspects of personal discomfort through silence, self-reflection, and mindfulness, I found a wide range of benefits that included increased self-awareness that provided me the opportunity for personal growth, healing, and reduced self-judgement.

I did not have some big bang moment, but I found a sense of gentleness and cohesiveness with myself as I connected with my inner-being, with nature, and through mindful activities.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can connect with your inner being, please join me at my Connect Within Retreat on January 10-12, 2020!

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