Welcome to our Volunteer Opportunities

Trail Building & Maintenance

Help us create beautiful trails throughout our 40 acres so our guests can explore our incredible natural landscapes. 

Opportunity:  March - October

Rock Painting & Trail Marking

Free your inner Artist and help us paint natural stones to mark our beautiful trails!

Opportunity: Year-around & minimal labor

Cob Building

Help us adorn our sacred spaces with  unique, earth-based buildings, benches & outdoor pizza oven.  You'll have the opportunity to learn the ancient practice of cob building.

Opportunity: May - October

Labyrinth Conservation

Marinate in our energetically vibrant 20,000 SF natural rock labyrinth - giving it a little TLC.

Opportunity: April - October

Lovin' our Lavender Field

Come enjoy the fragrant field of lavender giving it some love and nurturing with light weeding, watering and if you sing you get extra dessert and snacks!

Opportunity: April - October

Creating Artistic Stepping Stones

Create gorgeous stepping stones that lead to our sacred spaces throughout our beautiful property using your artistic flair and let your imagination go wild.

Opportunity: Year-round

Landscaping Guru

Here's your opportunity to connect in a deep way with the ancient, natural landscape of the Western Slope. Stay for a few days or weeks to really make a difference. This is a longer-term internship project.

Opportunity: April - early November

Indoor Painting Projects

Use your expertise and help us brighten indoor spaces!

Opportunity: Year-round

Honey Do Helper

We always have an abundance of miscellaneous projects like:

  • building herb shelves

  • assembling wooden planter boxes

  • tightening deck screws

  • window washing

  • we'll think of more.....

Opportunity:  Year-round

Organizational Genius 

Do you love sorting and organizing? We do but don't always have the time. If this your jam, we would LOVE to present you with a variety of opportunities.

Opportunity: Year-round

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We'd love to meet you and give you a tour of all the possibilities!